The 24th of February marks the date where Hakuna Matata embarks on a musical journey at a new homebase; Chicago Social Club.

Two international disco and house phenomena are going to be showcasing their skills: Alkalino (DE) and Ben Sun (UK), with support from our homegrown squad of Hakuna Matata Soundsystem.

Alkalino (DE)
Ben Sun (UK)
Hakuna Matata Soundsystem

Early – €9
Normal – €12
Group – €50 ( 5 tickets)

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Alkalino is probably known as one of the most renowned editors and reworkers in today’s classic disco game. Recently he also released the first EP on his own label Audaz Recs.. His deep musical knowledge blends perfectly into his DJ-sets; as you can experience for yourself.

Ben Sun is a musical chameleon who knows how to manoeuvre between different sounds and rock every party he plays at. One only has to check out his Mixcloud to arrive at a variety of quality sets that are a testament to his feeling for musical story telling. Not to speak of his raw and groovy productions.

Add the Hakuna Matata Sounsystem our local vinyl boys. Who literally and symbolically carry our flag. You’ll know there is no need to worry. Just be happy. And dance!

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